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6-10-2016, 23:27

Dear Carol Bailey

Our Cossack brother

Please accept our sincere congratulations on the occasion of YOUR BIRTHDAY from registered Cossacks


We, Cossacks of Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Registered Cossacks" Lviv branch, highly appreciate your valuable contribution to the reconstruction and development of the Cossack movement outside Ukraine.

Your genuine interest in the Ukrainian Cossacks, in its history and present grew consciously into the desire of the US citizen to become a Cossack.

We believe that your example of sincere love for God and other people is an example for the Ukrainian society and it points to the path of development of our state through spirituality and patriotism of each person who wants peace and harmony to theirGod-given land.

Let your field of life ear happiness generously and let warmth of the hearts of your fellow Cossacks fill you with energy and boundless optimism!

Let your dedication and impeccable in serving the Cossack idea bring a bright future to  Ukraine!


Sincerely and on behalf of the Cossack OCT NGO "URC"

Ataman, Cossack General  Roman Kolodiy

07. 10. 2016

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